MARCH 26/27, 2011 巴觀每週關於覺醒者的教導WEEK 26: MARCH 26/27, 2011"Thoughts are subtle, divisive and elusive; and an expression of the 酒店打工self. They wander as they like. They create judgement and a troubled and disturbed mind. They prevent Awareness from happening. The 酒店兼職unawakened must learn to direct, to control and to quieten thoughts by ruling over them. The Awakened One has moved beyond judgement, for he 酒店打工has gone beyond thought; as he is always ‘Aware’. " “思想是難以捉摸的,分裂和細微的;自我以此表達的方式。無疑的,它們是為所欲為的。它們創造酒店兼職評斷和困擾和不安的頭腦。它們阻止覺知的發生。未醒者必須學會指揮,控制及平息對他們統治的思想。覺者已經超越了評斷,因為他已經超越了思想;他總是酒店經紀'覺知 '。“


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